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Application Process & Timeline

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Below is an overview of our review process from submission to closing. Times may be shorter or slightly longer based on the information you provide. There are also links to our application documents at the bottom of this page, including scope of work templates, affidavits, and the Third-Party Authorization form.

First Friday of Each Month

Renew Indianapolis will begin the review process after the deadline each month. The deadline is the first Friday of each month. If needed, Renew will contact you for any missing documents or clarifications regarding the application. Registered neighborhood organizations are contacted for feedback on applications in their areas.

Fourth Thursday of the Month

Applications are presented to the Review Committee on the fourth Thursday of the month. The committee deliberates and approves or denies applications.

First Thursday of the Month

Approved applications will go before the Renew Indianapolis Board for approval or denial. For Renew-owned properties, this will serve as final approval and applicants will pay a processing fee of $150 for FDLs and $250 for all other properties.

Third Wednesday of the Month

Approved applications for city-owned properties will go before the City’s Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC) for final approval as a resolution. If the MDC approves the application, the buyer is notified; the buyer must pay the processing fee ($150 for FDLs or $250 for all other properties) and choose a title company; once the buyer has done this, closing documents will be prepared and the closing will be scheduled. Once the title search is complete, we will set up the closing.

From the deadline to the closing, applicants should expect the process to take 8-10 weeks.

How it Works

Flow chart of the application process

Please email or call to set up an appointment; we cannot accommodate drop-ins.