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Resident of the Month: Kevin Cochran

Meet our February Resident of the Month, Kevin Cochran! Learn more about Kevin and his contributions to King Park and why his neighbor Jennifer Ojo nominated him.


Kennedy King

What makes King Park home?

The diversity is what drew me to the area. I also loved the idea of buying a house that was not fully complete and finishing it and making it home. In the process of finishing my own home, I have watched the neighborhood grow and develop. I love seeing new people and families move in, too.

What are some of your favorite attractions?

I like all of the landmarks around the Kennedy King Park. I also like the way they redid the playground. I like all of the new businesses, coffee shops, and restaurants. King Park is a really convenient location for getting anywhere in Indianapolis.

What is your favorite place to eat in King Park?

Tinker Street is my favorite for good food and has a good wait staff; a wonderful place for a nice dinner. I also like Shoefly and Goose the Market for a good sandwich at lunch.

Why did Jennifer nominate Kevin?

“The reason I nominated Kevin for Resident of the Month is simple,” says Jennifer Ojo. “He is the best neighbor someone could ask for. He is thoughtful and generous. He is caring and considerate. He is talented and handy and he is always willing to lend a hand when you need him. Because of him, our neighborhood is better place to live.

“Kevin has taken pictures of the families on our block for free (he is a photographer on the side). He has lent his truck to us to haul mulch or a large tree to plant in our yard. He gives each of the children on our block special packages for birthdays, Halloween and Christmas. I never thought I would have neighbors like this (especially in the city) and Kevin is the best of them. I am so glad that I get to live near Kevin. He has become like family to us.”

Thanks to Kevin for his wonderful contributions to King Park!

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