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King Park Hires Evan Tester as Deputy Director

PD2_9760-EditEvan Tester joined King Park Development Corporation as the new Deputy Director. In his role, Evan will augment King Park’s dynamic staff by bringing additional grant, financial and project management skills to the corporation.

Prior to joining King Park, Evan served as the Community Development Block Grant Manager (CDBG) for the City of Indianapolis’ Department of Metropolitan Development.  In the five years that Evan invested with the city with CDBG, he managed multi-million dollar projects dealing with acquisition, rehabilitation, remediation of blight, historic preservation and job creation. In addition, he administered grants for homeless shelters, youth, seniors, job training, housing rehab/repair, parks and public spaces.

In his role as Deputy Director, Evan will continue some of the projects he began at the city, first and foremost the completion of the Tinker Flats Building rehabilitation.  Likewise, he will use his knowledge gained managing the city’s Section 108 Loan program to create a King Park Loan Fund to help finance future projects in the King Park area.  Evan’s community and economic development expertise will aid King Park staff as they administer the programs that have elevated King Park area as a destination for city residents.

Please join the King Park staff in welcoming Evan to this growing and vibrant community.

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