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May Resident of the Month: Austin Taylor

For the month of May, we’ve selected Austin Taylor as our King Park Resident of the Month. Read more below to learn about Austin’s contribution to King Park.

Austin Taylor1. Which neighborhood do you live in?

I live in the Crosstown Neighborhood.

2. How long they’ve lived there?

I have lived in Crosstown for just over 4 years.

3. What makes King Park home?

I have lived in the King Park area in total for about 6 years now, but I have been involved in the area most of the time I have been in Indianapolis as I used to teach and volunteer at Herron High School when it was first getting started. I worked for the Census Bureau during the 2010 Census going to door-to-door in King Park. So I know it well. It is familiar. It is neat to see restaurants, shops, investment, and other opportunities come to the area.

4. What are some of your favorite attractions in King Park?

I am a big history buff. I used to live at 21st and College, so Kennedy-King Park was a place I spent a fair amount of time. The history of the — park  it being the site of Robert Kennedy’s famous speech on the day MLK Jr. was assassinated — has always been fascinating to me. I am also a cyclist so I hop on the Monon quite a bit to go downtown or up through Broad Ripple.

5. What is your favorite place to eat in King Park? 

My favorite place to eat in King Park is Sot Sot.  I always get the Bourbon Chicken.

6. How did the City League originally form?

The City League traces its origins back to a Crosstown Neighborhood Association Meeting in the summer of 2013.  It was decided soon after that the Little Bethel Missionary Baptist Church would use its gym facility to host a basketball open gym — free of charge — for young men in the neighborhood.  After about a year, a competitive tournament was organized to generate some revenue to support the open gym activities.  A year later a second tournament was organized, and then a 3rd. After mixed results, it was decided that if these tournaments were going to be done right, the surrounding community must be involved.

In the fall of 2016, King Park and Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporations became involved as representatives of the Mid – North and NE Corridor Quality of Life Plans.  These plans are comprehensive, community-driven, outlines that detail what area residents want to see happen to improve the Quality of Life where they live.

7. What were you most pleased with from this year’s City League?

There were a couple of things about this year’s City League that has me excited. The first is the level of competition we had participate in the league.  The league consisted of 12 teams with most of the teams having at least 2-3 players that played in college. We had a few guys that played professionally overseas and one guy who fairly recently was in the NBA. As someone who really appreciates good basketball that was exciting for me. Secondly, was the level of involvement from the community. We had 24 businesses and organizations support us financially with a few others who came to showcase their organizations during the tournament.  The event gave the Crosstown neighbors some momentum and a shot of confidence for what is possible when we work together.  Since March there has been greater involvement in our neighborhood association.

8. What are you looking forward to for City League for next year?

I am looking forward to greater community participation next year. We are going to work to try to get the other neighborhoods in King Park and Mapleton-Fall Creek more involved with the City League in the future.  The goal for it to be an annual gathering of neighborhoods on the near northside of Indianapolis — not only to showcase community organizations/initiatives but also as a place to go to watch and play really good basketball.

Thanks to Austin for his contribution and commitment to King Park!

Austin is the founder of The City League. The City League was formed by a group of people who wanted to see a well run, competitive men’s basketball league in the heart of the city of Indianapolis. The league is located in the Little Bethel Crosstown Community Center in the Crosstown neighborhood of Indianapolis (just east of 30th and Fall Creek). 

Don’t forget to nominate residents for upcoming months! Know someone special in King Park that you’d like to nominate? Let us know!

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