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Available tools to Combat Vacancy and Abandonment

In Spring 2016, Renew Indianapolis, with the support of the City of Indianapolis, retained The Center for Community Progress to provide observations on the existing municipal systems and tools to address vacant and abandoned properties in Indianapolis.

​This report is intended to provide local policymakers and community stakeholders with the foundation necessary to:

  1. understand the current set of legal systems and policy tools (toolbox) available to address vacant and abandoned properties, and
  2. to develop a framework for how to best deploy those tools in a coordinated and effective manner.
Policies and Procedures

At Renew Indianapolis, we seek to improve communities and their assets by targeting abandoned and blighted houses for rehabbing.​ We protect the community’s interests and earn your trust with a transparent, professional, open process. As a part of this promise to our community, you can read our policies and procedures here:

Pattern Books and Design Standards

Here you can find pattern books and design standards for some of the neighborhoods that Renew owns properties in, such as St. Claire Place and the Riverside/Northwest neighborhoods. These standards are important to keep in mind when proposing new construction or a rehab.

Lead Safety Information

Important information on lead safety.

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