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Resident of the Month: Chris Corr of Fall Creek Place

This month, we’ve select Chris Corr as our King Park Resident of the Month! Learn more about Chris and his contributions to King Park below:

1. Which neighborhood do you live in?

Fall Creek Place

2. What makes King Park home?

My wonderful neighbors, schools and businesses, who continue to surprise me with their generosity, project ideas, and energy to make Indianapolis the best city it can be!

3. Why did you originally decide to move to your neighborhood?

We chose Fall Creek Place back in 2011 because of proximity to work, the burgeoning collection of amenities, and the ability to conveniently go anywhere in the city by whatever means I choose. The King Park area is extremely walkable and bikeable, with great connections to bike trails for farther-flung destinations. We’re already one of the best-served areas for transit and the Red Line will only make that better. When the need arises for longer trips, expressways aren’t far away either.

4. What are some of your favorite attractions in King Park?

The Fall Creek Greenway, Goose the Market, Herron-Morton playground, Shoefly Public House, and Mashcraft.

5. What is your favorite place to eat in King Park?

This seems to change every month or so, but right now we’re in love with breakfast at Tea’s Me on Saturday mornings.  Joi and Fred really light up our mornings and get us charged up to take on the weekend!

6. Please tell us a little bit about your involvement with neighborhood activities/groups?

Since we moved here I’ve tried to be active with Fall Creek Place leadership, having served three years on the HOA board and as current President of the Fall Creek Place Foundation. The Foundation is currently working on adding a Nature Playscape to Craig Kids Memorial Park at 23rd and New Jersey. I’m also co-champion of Destination Fall Creek.

Thanks for your contribution to King Park, Chris!

Don’t forget to nominate residents for upcoming months! Know someone special in King Park that you’d like to nominate? Let us know!

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