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Residents of the Month: Travis & Hilary Barnes of Hotel Tango

For the month of August, we’ve selected Travis and Hilary Barnes of Hotel Tango as our King Park Residents of the Month! Read more below to learn about their contribution to King Park and their community.

1. Which neighborhood do you live in?

We live in Old Northside.

2. What makes King Park home?

King Park is home because of the sense of community and a collective attitude about improving the neighborhood.  It feels like everyone in the neighborhood is digging in to improve homes, parks, trails, etc. It really is an exciting time to be living downtown.

3. Why did you originally decide to move to King Park?

We have a passion for repurposing old buildings. Our business was growing at a rapid pace, and we needed a building to expand our production. Instead of building a new facility, we jumped at the opportunity to help rehab and repurpose a 100-year-old building. We could not be happier about our choice, and hopefully, everyone in the neighborhood will get a chance to come take a tour of the new distillery.

4. What are some of your favorite attractions in King Park?

The Frank and Judy O’Bannon soccer park. It is a great place to cool off after a long ride on the Monon Trail. We love to take our dog over to the park to let him run around.

5. Where is your favorite place to eat in King Park? 

This is a hard one. It has to be a tie between Festiva and Cannon Ball Brewery. Both have great food, service, and atmosphere!

6. Anything else you’d like us to know?

We love living downtown and are so excited to see the direction it keeps going. The neighborhoods in downtown Indianapolis are so unique and eclectic. It’s great to see a balance of commercial and residential development because it gets the attention of folks who may have thought about living downtown. It has been great to be a small part of the neighborhood’s growth, and we are so excited to see where it will be in a few more years.

Thanks to Travis and Hilary for their contribution and commitment to King Park!

Don’t forget to nominate residents for upcoming months! Know someone special in King Park that you’d like to nominate? Let us know!

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